BTS’ RM drops videos for his solo singles, ‘Groin’ and ‘Domodachi’

RM from the K-pop band has dropped the music video for “Groin,” a B-side track from his second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person, released on May 24th. The Pennacky-directed clip for “Groin” finds the singer and rapper decked out in a dark Adidas track jacket while dancing and rapping in the streets; it arrives on the heels of RM’s second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person, which was released in May. Check out the music video for ‘Groin’ – here.

RM also dropped the music video for “Domodachi” featuring Little Simz; the track ‘revolves around the theme of becoming friends by being together and the pure joy of dancing with those friends.’ Check out the video for Domodachihere.

Right Place, Wrong Person also features the singles “Come Back to Me,” “Nuts,” “Heaven,” “LOST!” and more. Per Billboard, Right Place, Wrong Person includes collaborations with British rapper-singer Little Simz (“Domodachi”) and singer-guitarist Moses Sumney (“Around the World in a Day”). “Come Back to Me” features lyrics by RM, with guest musicians OHHYUK from South Korean band HYUKOH, and guitar and bass from Kuo of Taiwanese band Sunset Rollercoaster, as well as contributions by singer-songwriter JNKYRD and San yawn of Balming Tiger.

RM and his BTS bandmates Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook are currently serving in the South Korean military, which mandates an 18-month military enlistment for all able-bodied men by the time they turn 28. A few of the members have pursued various solo projects amid their service, and the full group is planning to reconvene for band activities in 2025.

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