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Chlöe Bailey shares the video for ‘Boy Bye’

Chloë Bailey has shared the video for her new song “Boy Bye,” directed by C&P. The video follows Chloë as she gets into an argument with her boyfriend, only to realize she’s better off with him.

Said Chloë, 28, of the song and video: “‘Boy Bye’ is an anthem for anyone who needs to get rid of someone toxic and draining from their life,” she said of the new single. “It’s liberating and free. That’s how it feels to finally let go of dead weight that’s been keeping you down. Instead of being sad about releasing what’s not good for me, I celebrate it.”

Bailey  released her debut album, In Pieces, in 2023; “Boy Bye” is her second single of 2024, following “FYS,” released in March.

Take a look at the video for ‘Boy Bye’ – here.

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