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Drew Barrymore’s accused stalker detained after showing up at her Long Island home

A man accused of stalking actress Drew Barrymore at a conference was detained by police after apparently showing up at her home. The man, who’s been identified as Chad Michael Busto, was detained after showing up at Barrymore’s farmhouse in Long Island uninvited. Sources said that Busto was going door-to-door in Barrymore’s Southampton neighborhood, attempting to locate the actress.

Southampton Chief of Police James Kiernan confirmed to Variety that the fan was “temporarily detained” Wednesday afternoon in Southampton, Long Island, after “going door to door telling area residents that he was looking for Drew Barrymore’s residence,” The man, identified as Chad Busto, was not arrested, despite other reports. Lieutenant Todd Spencer told Variety that Busto has since been released, as a police investigation continues. Per Kiernan, he “does not appear to be in the area any longer.”

The recent news comes just days after Busto interrupted the 48-year-old Barrymore at an event she held with The Sex Lives of College Girls actress/singer Reneé Rapp at the 92nd Street Y in NYC on Monday. As seen clips that have since gone viral, Busto yells out to Barrymore during the event. While she excitedly responds when he starts calling her, the man then approaches the stage, saying:“I’m Chad Michael Busto. You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while I’m here in New York.” Per TMZ, Rapp is then seen leading Barrymore off stage, with security coming between the pair. Busto was subsequently escorted from the venue.

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