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Nicki Minaj claps back at Megan Thee Stallion on new diss track “Big Foot”

Nicki Minaj is responding to Megan Thee Stallion, releasing her new diss track, “Big Foot” in response to Megan’s latest single, ‘Hiss.’ The drama between Megan and Nicki began after Megan released her new song “Hiss” last week, in which she lyrically attacked her enemies – including Nicki.

Produced by Tate Kobang and ZellTooTrill, “Big Foot” sees Nicki referencing all the drama the two rappers have allegedly been involved with of late. However before dropping the song, Nicki told fans on social media that while she was releasing ‘Big Foot’ in response to Megan, it was not a diss track. Minaj also claims that if Megan denies anything noted in ‘Big Foot,’ she will ‘post receipts’ on social media and release four extra tracks.

Take a listen to Minaj’s track “Big Foot” – here.

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