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Sabrina Carpenter shares the music video for ‘Espresso’

24-year-old singer/actress Sabrina Carpenter has shared the official music video for her hit single, ‘Espresso’, which is co-written by Carpenter alongside her previous collaborators Amy Allen, Julian Bunetta, and Steph Jones.

The video for Espresso, directed by Grammy-nominated music video director Dave Meyers, shows Carpenter push a potential suitor overboard and use his credit card to enjoy a sunny day on the beach with her girls.

Carpenter shared with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on the song: “Weirdly enough, we ended up writing this song in France, and I think that that probably had a little bit of inspiration to how the song ended up feeling. It just had that excitement and that energy of almost kind of traveling the world. There was something really exciting about the fact that there was so much personality throughout the entire song, because those are the ones that are really, really fun to sing live with a crowd. Those are the ones that people, I think when they don’t know my music or who I am or anything, they can just tune in to a single song and kind of leave with a better idea of my sense of humor.”

Carpenter also told Vogue that the song celebrates self-confidence: “The song is kind of about seeing femininity as your super power, and embracing that confidence of being that [expletive]. Since the day I heard the song, I saw a beach atmosphere — and more specifically this kind of old school [and] modern environment. [I wanted to capture] the playfulness that I like to use throughout all of my videos.”

Take a look at the video for ‘Espresso‘ – here.

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