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WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon served with subpoena by federal agents

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) disclosed on Wednesday that federal law enforcement agents executed a search warrant on executive chairman Vince McMahon  last month, serving him with a federal grand jury subpoena.

The WWE also revealed Wednesday that McMahon “went on medical leave after undergoing major spinal surgery.”   The WWE said in its quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission that McMahon’s leave began July 21, and he will “remain on medical leave until further notice but will remain Executive Chairman” of WWE. WWE CEO Nick Khan revealed news of McMahon’s surgery during the company’s second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. Khan said McMahon had major spinal surgery nearly two weeks ago and is taking the leave in order to focus on his recovery, but did not specify the duration of the leave.

The new subpoena is part of an ongoing investigation into allegations that McMahon paid millions of dollars over the years to women after being accused of sexual misconduct. WWE said in the filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that while government investigations into McMahon remain ongoing, no charges have been brought in them. The company said it has received voluntary and compulsory legal demands for documents concerning the investigation and related subject matters, sharing in a statement: “WWE has cooperated throughout and fully understands and respects the government’s need for a complete process.”

It was revealed last year that the WWE was investigating an alleged $3 million payment from McMahon to a departing female employee following a consensual affair. WWE’s investigation into the misconduct allegations was completed last year. McMahon said in a statement: “In 2022, WWE formed a special committee to review allegations of misconduct against me. That review was concluded in November 2022 following an extensive investigation. Throughout this experience, I have always denied any intentional wrongdoing and continue to do so. I am confident that the government’s investigation will be resolved without any findings of wrongdoing.”

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